Tiny Starship day? Tiny starship day.

For the record, I’m now the kind of person who owns multiple laser cut, after-market acrylic starship display stands.

None are new, but it occurred to me that I now have 4 tiny plastic NCC-1701-D’s. Living the dream.

Slightly less tiny spaceship day! Also, phaser day!

I don’t get it. They look just like my toys.

Bustin’ has been known to make me feel good.

I never expected to have a tiny plastic R.E.M. but here we are.

The Star Wars Black Jabba the Hutt also has mouth opening action feature!

Please Note: I do not recommend watching this vine on loop with the sound on. :D

(Source: vine.co)

New Star Wars Black figures: Speeder Bike and Jabba! 6 year old Brian would be proud. Not jealous, mind you. 6 year old Brian had a lot more Star Wars toys, even if his Scout Trooper was sold separately from the speeder bike.

Sadly, that Leia remains the only one available in this scale, but at guess with Jabba she at least has context. #grumble

Please be advised that it is tiny spaceship day.