So, guess what I got today?

This makes me so happy even though it doesn’t quite fit. Its surprisingly close, though. I was prepared for it to be completely out of the question, but its actually close enough that I might try to see if a compression garment might help just enough. Though really the biggest problem is my evidently disproportionately fat neck, and that won’t help there. Even still, I’m thrilled to have a Star Fleet Uniform in my closet. Though I did put the damn rank pips on the wrong side (because I was looking in a mirror) and had to fix them in photoshop.

It is really gorgeous costume from Anovos Productions and its making me very tempted to get their movie reboot tunic as well, even if I’m wildly conflicted about the JJ-verse at best. Its very much constructed like a costume, so I’d need help to properly put it on in the best of circumstances (trust me, you don’t want to see the back). But it really is beautiful. The red in the tunic is really sensitive to light. It looks a dark maroon under low light, but in brighter conditions it really pops like it does on TV. The pins are all magnetic, though there is still a velcro pad for the Comm badge for some unknown reason. Honestly, if they decided to extend their size range (this is a 2XL), I’d buy another one just out of admiration for the workmanship and quality.