Fatshion Whenever: March 13th

Fat Guy in Orange Pants AND Orange Shoes edition. See, now this outfit I can understand being called a weirdo in. I wouldn’t care, but I’d at least understand. I did get openly laughed at once, and bluntly stared at a few times, but I got through it. I realized that orange dress shoes, much moreso than orange slacks, engenders the same reaction I get when I wear a bright orange dress shirt. Some people may look at me disapprovingly, but there are also more people who’ll open praise it. As I said when I bought them, these are shoes that will insist on attention being paid to them.

Edit: I don’t really know why Tumblr has decided to make the photos here load like crap. Sorry. The photos look a lot better than what you are probably seeing. I’ve reuploaded but since I tweeted this photoset, I’m leaving the original in place. Sorry for the trouble.

Specs: SEE | Shirt: Geoffrey Beene | Vest: Old Navy | Tie: The Tie Bar | Slacks: BeBow Fashions | Shoes: Cole Hahn