Good. I’m glad to see that there are consequences for his actions.

EXCELLENT. this guy’s given legitimacy and support to pedophiles and stalkers, he deserves nothing less than a permanently tainted employment record. i hope this fucker rots. 

The guy is getting PayPal donations from his redditor fanboys after going on Reddit and bemoaning his lack of employment. And I’m sure he will receive thousands upon thousands of dollars.

Anyone who supports this guy is an enabler for pedophiles.

Why is ANYONE still using Reddit as a site? Boycott that shit.



Oh, poor baby. Now he’s going to get thousands upon thousands of dollars. Not for working, but for sexually exploiting children and enabling the disregard of consent in the objectification of countless women. What a hard life he leads. Obviously, he’s the “true” victim here.

I don’t care a bit that he got fired as a consequence of his actions. That’s what happens in the real world. Sadly, in the reddit world, he’s going to make a small fortune by abusing the privacy and sexual autonomy of thousands of women. And I hate to break it to the brogressives of reddit, but that ain’t even news.

(via drst)