Anonymous said: What do you mean by "Reverse racism"?

I’m assuming you are referring to this reblog asserting that “reverse racism” is not real. Reverse racism is a fictional concept invented by white people who want to appropriate racism from the people of color they are oppressing. It is meant to recenter white people as the victims of racism and it is bullshit. White people cannot be the victims of racism because racism is a product of power structures and privilege. While it is possible for a POC to have negative prejudices about white people, it is fully and irreconcilably wrong to define this as racism. Reverse or otherwise. Further, to the extent that such prejudices exist, one cannot hope to bring them up without recognizing the way white people have earned such negative prejudices by systems of oppression. Simply put, if a POC has negative feelings about white people, it makes way more sense to blame white people than to shame the POC. White people tears does not make the distrust sown by countless generations of white supremacy go away in even the slightest regard.

Reverse racism can be filed under other fictionalized oppressions endured by the privileged such as misandry, assaults on heterosexual marriage, or dieters being silenced by fat activists. Reverse racism is perhaps most divorced from reality of all of those, which are best cataloged as fantasy or science fiction given their complete irrelevance to our non-fictional world.

So that’s what I mean by “reverse racism” not being real.