Batman and Robin: An imaginary continuation of Bruce Timm’s Animated Universe

I’ve been wasting time pondering an idea for a new show set in the DC Animated Universe of Batman/Superman/Justice League produced by Bruce Timm. It would fill in some of the gap between Justice League Unlimited and Batman Beyond and allow the Bat Family to be revisited after they were place out of bounds when the Justice League cartoons were made. Basically, I’m picture Bruce Wayne fighting a climactic battle with┬áRa’s al Ghul where both men appear to die. Dick Grayson returns to Wayne Manor and is pressed by others in the Bat Family to take on the mantle of Batman to continue the work of his mentor. While considering this, he fends off an intruder in the Bat Cave, the previously unheard of Damian Wayne he was hidden from his father and trained as an elite assassin, now returned to claim his birthright and convinced that Bruce Wayne isn’t dead. This proves true, though Wayne mostly hides from his loved ones as he goes deep underground, obsessed with fighting a looming threat to Gotham and the world. Grayson takes on the cowl and earns the grudging respect of Damian who without invitation assigns himself the role of his Robin. I’d see the show mostly as a way to explore Dick’s own relationships that never got to be explored in the original shows, like Starfire and the Titans, the transition from sidekick to hero, finding he’s actually held in high regard by the community of superheroes and doing his best to live up to the role of Batman. Meanwhile, we’d slowly see Bruce transition into the disconnected obsessive we saw in Batman Beyond, and losing the trust of those closest to him.

Obviously, this is an exceedingly pointless idea, but it keeps spinning in my head, so I finally decided to mock-up some costume ideas for Dick Grayson’s Batman inspired by his DCAU Robin and Nightwing costumes. Because if I’m going to make unproductive use of my time, might as well go all in. Its a pretty shameless trace job, but I figure Dick would want a costume that was familiar to him as he’s expected to be running around fighting crime in it and would want to feel like he knew what to do with his costume. I did go with a very different cowl ear design than other DCAU Batmen so Dick would stand out with shorter ears that arch forward instead of back. Also, the Bat Emblem is patterned off the dimensions of his Nightwing logo.

Perhaps in another few months, I’ll tackle Damian. Yay for wasting time!