Maggie Gets Into Cosplay and Maggie Thinks Bow Ties Are Cool.

So, after my poll the other day, The Doctor was a clear winner, but a very compelling case was made for Maggie to cosplay as Amy Pond. Maggie doesn’t really like having her options limited, so she’s doing both.

Which is what is so awesome about Cosplay because there are really no limitations on what you can be. This can be tremendously empowering for fat people who are constantly told we can’t be this or that. Cosplay allows us to be everything!

Of course, there are those who do try to police our imaginations and fun. Those who see a fat person dressed up as a non-fat character or a woman dressed up like a man and they get filled with irrational rage that someone out there is having fun in a way that is different from how they want them to be having fun. As much as those people will try to shame fat people for embracing cosplay, we don’t have to let them stop us. So Maggie is getting into cosplay because Maggie think its cool. That’s all the reason she needed.

Parts 21 and 22 in a Series of Maggie not doing as she’s told.

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"Maggie Has Her Cake (and Eats it, too)"