I like my outfit today. I avoided ties during the summer, which is a shame.




Food bloggers need to stop with this “turn your watermelon slices into healthy pizza.”


I take issue with this.

Every time a food blogger does this, I think, “You are making the food they give pandas on their birthdays in zoos.”

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There are three kinds of bottled water blurbs.

Oh, right. That’s why I have no interest in the “body positive” tag.

I have low key crushes on at least a half-dozen people I will never, ever meet.

  • it is just really weird to me how much hate mail i get on a daily basis. to sum it up it's basically
  • me: please don't do the dia de los muertos thing as a halloween costume cuz culture isn't a costume
  • white people: i can't steal your culture for one night and throw it away the next morning?? you're so racist!




13 cats failing at hide and seek

As good as cats think they are at hiding from us, we know better.

masters of disguise!

That cat in the cabinet. lol

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Female Pallas’s cat by Tambako the Jaguar on Flickr.

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I know I should just delete my OKC account, but keeping it even if I’m not using it is a way to pretend I’m not going to be alone from now on. But I guess that’s not really a good reason.

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